Bed Cushions Styling Guide

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Can you ever have too many cushions on a bed? Here are our designer tips for styling a hotel chic bedroom.

Use layers, textures and colours to create interest

Mix up patterned cushions with plain textured cushions, florals with stripes and different layers of cushions and throws to create a really inviting bed.  Use colours from the same palette to create harmony.

The odd-numbers rule

We naturally like to create balance but by adding an odd number into the equation you will create a look that is more dynamic.  Try placing cushions in groups of 3 or 5 to create a natural focal point.

Create triangles

Use the same trick many interior designers use and create triangles within your scheme.  Styling with the triangular rule creates a proportionate and eye-pleasing group.

Stack cushions in front of 2 pillows

You may just need one pillow to sleep, but to create a fluffy and inviting bed, try stacking two pillows on either side with decorative cushions stood up in front.

Use different sizes of cushions

I like to use 2 large cushions at the back, with a smaller size in front.  This could be two large 50x50cm cushions with a 40cm square cushion in front. Or even two 50cm cushions, two 45cm cushions and a rectangular cushion as the anchor.

Add texture

Combine different textures to add depth.  This could be different fabrics in your cushions, or different materials in your throws.  We love to use natural materials so might mix linen cushions with tweed cushions, topped with a soft wool throw.

Create movement

Make sure those cushions don't look limp and boring by using a cushion filler one size larger than the cover.  Regularly plump up feather cushions and finish with a karate chop in the top.  Finally top the bed with a rumpled throw for the ultimate hotel-styled finish.

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