7 super important ways you do good by shopping small!

Thank you so much for shopping with small businesses - without your support we just wouldn't be able to continue and we want to give a huge shout out to everyone who is doing good by shopping small.

Here are 7 ways you do good when you shop with us either online or in our Northallerton high street store:

1. support the local economy

Did you know that when you spend £1 with a small business 63p stays in the local economy, compared to 40p with a larger business? Everytime you shop with a small business you are voting with your money to support a community.

2. reduce emissions

All Rebecca Pitcher products are made right here in the UK, reducing their carbon footprint hugely compared to products shipped across the world. We send our online orders with Royal Mail, who collect from our door and deliver to yours on their usual delivery route, reducing the need for more couriers and vehicles on the roads.

3. support British manufacturing

We work with several factories, mills and family businesses across the UK, who all employ local, skilled workers.  Some of whom are amongst the last few people in the country who have the skills to create our products.  By buying Rebecca Pitcher  you are helping to keep these loyal employers and heritage craft industries thriving.

4. plant and protect woodlands

Our card manufacturer is enrolled in the The Woodland Trust project which means they only use carbon captured papers for the production of all our greetings cards. For every card they manufacture, a donation is made to The Woodland Trust which goes towards protecting and creating native woodlands here in the UK.  

5. keep our high street thriving

by supporting our small business, whether that is online or in our Northallerton shop, it means we can keep a presence on the high street, preventing an empty shop and helping to keep our little market town independent and thriving.

6. support creativity

wouldn't it be boring if we all shopped in the same shops and bought the same things?  By shopping small you help to support creativity, meaning more artists and designers can make a living bringing new and interesting products to market. Whatever your tastes, there will be a small business out there creating something perfect just for you.

7. send a little girl to gymnastics club

Your purchases do not fund my lavish lifestyle or heat my home swimming pool (I wish!) instead they help to send my little girl to swimming lessons and gymnastics club.  By shopping small you support ordinary people, and help to keep our creative and entrepreneurial dreams alive.

Thank You.


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Simply wonderful really sums up why we should all respect our local shops snd community we do not need shopping centres buy local and stay local well done Rebecca xxx

Bev Jones November 10, 2022

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