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Article: How to clean wool blankets

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How to clean wool blankets

One of the questions we get asked the most is how to care for your wool blankets to keep them looking and smelling their best!  Looked after properly a wool blanket can last a lifetime, they are soft, warm and naturally stain and water repellant, so are really very easy to care for.  Simply follow our top tips below and enjoy using your blanket for years to come.


The first thing to remember is that wool is naturally antibacterial so our throws are great at looking after themselves.  We recommend airing them outside on a breezy day where possible to keep them fresh and light.  Give them a good shake first and this will loosen any dirt or dust from the fibres, then hang somewhere with good air flow and let the breeze work it's magic. 

Spot Cleaning

Wool is great at repelling liquids, but if something is left to soak in, it may leave a stain.  The best way to clean this is to sponge it with warm water and a mild detergent.  Soak a clean cloth and use it to squeeze the cleaning solution onto the stain area, then blot it.  Don't scrub as this will damage the fibres.


If you do need a more intensive clean, there is no need to panic, our wool throws wash brilliantly in the machine.  Simply pop them in on a cold wool cycle, I recommend turning the temperature down as low as possible (30 degrees max but colder is better) and then hang them outside on the line or over a banister to dry.  Don't tumble dry or put on the radiator as the heat will cause the wool to dry too quickly and may result in shrinkage, felting and a coarse feel to the blanket.


If you regularly sit on your throw you may find that it starts to pill (sometimes known as bobbling).  Pilling is completely normal with wool products and you may find that machine washing helps to remove the excess fibres that can turn into pills.  The easiest way to remove pills is with your hands, but you may also find an fabric shaver useful.

Top Tip - Brushing

The best way to keep your wool blanket in tip top condition is to brush it.  Using a soft bristled brush (such as a clothes brush) lie the blanket on a flat surface, then gently brush in the direction of the grain.  This helps remove loose fibres and keeps the blanket soft, fluffy and looking its best.

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