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Article: Kitchen Trends 2022

Kitchen by The Main Company

Kitchen Trends 2022

If we have learnt anything over the past two years, it is that our homes need to be more multifunctional than ever.  But increasingly important is the need to create homely, welcoming spaces that provide a sanctuary from the world and a place to switch off.  The kitchen is no longer simply a functional cooking space, but a home office, a living room, dining room and even a classroom too.  The design of our homes is becoming less about the way something looks, and more about the way it makes us feel.

I've rounded up the latest kitchen trends for 2022 to give you a starting point when finding your own style.


In 2021 we saw a huge increase in the use of navy blues in kitchen design and with many colour consultancies naming blues and greens as their colour of the year in 2022, this is a trend that is here to stay.  What we will see this year, is a desire for deeper richer hues such as teal blue and forest green. 

Warm metallics look great with these deeper colours and there is a growing trend for brass and copper taps and handles.  To offset the moodier hues, try adding white marble worktops and brass accessories and lighting to bounce light around the room. Finally, make sure if opting for dark cabinetry, you request a matt anti fingerprint finish. 

Teal Kitchen

 (This image and title image credit: The Main Company and Chris Nook)

Cabinet Style

Whilst contemporary handleless kitchens are gaining in popularity, Shaker style cupboards are still the most popular choice for country kitchens and never go out of style.  For the ultimate in country kitchen styling, opt for in-frame cabinetry.  With an in-frame kitchen, the cupboard door is hung within a frame on the front of the cabinet, providing extra durability, strength and a sense of craftsmanship.

Shaker Inframe Kitchen Cabinets
(Image credit: The Main Company and Sean Knott)

Biophilic Design

If you haven’t come across the term biophilic design before, it is essentially the act of designing our homes to bring nature inside, with a view to improving our mental and physical wellbeing.  So how do we do this in practice? The easiest way to bring the outside in is through the use of plants.  Fill a windowsill full of potted herbs, hang indoor plants from hooks in the ceiling or place a pot on the worktop. Taking the time to nurture these plants in a break between meetings or daily chores will bring great mental health benefits as well as the improvement to your physical health through air purification.

Next think about incorporating natural materials and texture into your design for a tactile and multi sensory feel.

Biophilic design kitchen

(Image credit deVOL)

Natural Materials and Texture

Natural stone countertops such as marble have been popular for a while now, and this trend is not going anywhere.  In 2022 we are taking this a step further and continuing the material up the walls as splashbacks and over the edges of islands creating a waterfall effect.  Quartz is an excellent alternative if you are looking for something more hardwearing and affordable.

Add personality and individuality to your kitchen with hand finished textured tiles, raw wood and leather door pulls.

Textured Tiles in a Rustic Country Kitchen



When using our kitchens as open plan living, socialising and work places, its vital that they are free from visual clutter and storage has never been more important.  Opt for practical solutions such as pan drawers in island units and tall larder cupboards which give you plenty of opportunity to stock up on essentials - you don't want to be the person searching for that last packet of pasta once again! Pantry Cupboard

 (Image credit: Tom Howley)

Integrated appliances

Hiding functional appliances such as the dishwasher from view in integrated cabinetry is nothing new, but this year we will be taking this concept even further.  Boiling water taps not only give us instant access to hot water, but negate the need for a kettle taking up visual and physical space on the worktop.  Similarly, the use of down draft extractors mean hobs can sit seamlessly in an island unit without a large overhead extractor hood blocking the sightline.  Concealed until needed they sit within the worktop and pop up when required at a touch of a button.

Boiling Water Tap Chapel Kitchens

(Image credit: Chapel Kitchens)

Utility room & pantry

Following on from our need to keep the kitchen as clear as possible from visual and physical clutter, the desire to create a separate utility room and pantry within our homes is ever more important.  Think of them as the functional engine rooms of the home, whilst keeping the kitchen a clear, light and bright space to enjoy relaxing and entertaining.  If you have the space to create a pantry, a cool dark room is perfect with shelves to the ceiling to keep groceries easily accessible but also a place to store those serving dishes and worktop appliances that are used infrequently. The same is true for a utility room, whether it’s a space to store coats and muddy boots, or a laundry with overhead drying rack, it means we can invite someone in for a coffee, without worrying about the smalls drying in full view of our guests.

Laundry Room by Gabriel Holland

(Image credit: Gabriel Holland)


Well planned lighting is essential in a kitchen and its important to have a combination of natural light, recessed work lighting and statement pendants for visual effect.  Hanging large copper or wooden pendants over the island or dining table will be popular in 2022.

Statement Lighting Chapel Kitchens

(Image credit: Chapel Kitchens)


Finally, the layout and flow of your kitchen is increasingly important as it becomes the room in the house that is used more than ever.  In 2022 we will see more walls dedicated to a single run of tall practical storage units, coupled with an island in front to allow families to gather, socialise and move freely around the room.

 Kitchen Island

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