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Hints & Tips

How to get the best out of your candle

To maximise the burn time of your candle, you should allow it to burn for 3-4 hours on the first use.  This creates a good burn pool (the melted bit) which means that next time you burn the candle, it should melt right to the edges of the jar and you shouldn't have any excess wax left on the side of the jar.

Always, always trim your wick to 0.5cm each time you light it.  This prevents the wick getting over-long, curling over, burning unevenly and too hot, and generally ruining your lovely candle. You can buy special wick trimming tools but to be honest I just pinch it off with my fingers, or to keep your hands clean, use scissors!

 Why we use natural wax

Compared to traditional paraffin candles, natural wax is considered to be much better for humans, pets, and also the environment.  Paraffin wax is petroleum based, whereas our candles are made from a soy and rapeseed blend, so you do not get the associated petro-carbon soot when it burns.

The rapeseed elements gives a fantastic scent throw and the blend has a cooler burn pool, meaning that your candle will burn longer.

It's sustainable, renewable, biodegradable, washable (just use soap and water to remove) and generally just brilliant, what's not to love? 

No-flip reeds

All our reed diffusers now come with a new style of reeds.  Brilliantly designed not to block, there is no need to flip these reeds, reducing any risk of splashes and spills. 

Why we love kukui nut butter

Pressed from kukui nuts in Hawaii, this lovely butter is packed with vitamins A, C & E. It is naturally anti-oxidant rich and leaves your skin silky smooth.  The beauty of it is that although it is rich and creamy, it absorbs very quickly into your skin, making even very dry skin feel hydrated and renewed. Simply marvellous stuff, we use it in all our hand and body creams.