Our story is really one of the accidental business.  I never really set out with a master plan.  It wasn’t my mission to change the world or do something really innovative or exciting. 
It is a business that has grown organically, born out of a love of creating, painting and designing. 

Rebecca Pitcher Hand Drawn Heart Motif

Rebecca Pitcher

I love to design for the pleasurable moments in our lives; the mornings chatting with friends over a hot cuppa, the special dinner when you have all the family round the table, the quiet moment of solitude when you light a candle and curl up under a blanket.

Navy Linen Cushions by Rebecca Pitcher

 My style is simple and natural, often with single colour illustrations of nature, presented on a crisp white or natural background.  I love New England design, but bring to it my own English country twist, with lots of florals, animals and nature taking centre stage.  Everything is produced here in the UK with great attention to detail and quality, meaning our products can be collected, loved, used and ultimately stand the test of time.