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Article: 5 reasons why our British blanket manufacturer is championing sustainable wool

5 reasons why our British blanket manufacturer is championing sustainable wool
Behind the Scenes

5 reasons why our British blanket manufacturer is championing sustainable wool

Everyone loves cosying up under a wool blanket, whether its you, the kids, the dogs, the cat, it always feel good to snuggle.  But why is wool so cosy? And what makes it such a great resource?  We spoke to our blanket manufacturer on why they have been championing wool for over 50 years

sheep in a field

1. Wool is natural and sustainable

As long as sheep have grass to graze on, their wool will grow and provide a cosy fleece.  Each spring, the sheep need this fleece removing to keep them cool and comfortable and the shorn fibres provide us with a valuable resource.  The sheep then happily munch away, growing new fleece to keep them warm and dry in winter, and the cycle continues, meaning wool is the ultimate natural resource.

2. Wool is biodegradable

Wool is entirely biodegradable, which means at the end of its usable life it will simply break down and decompose back into the earth, meaning it does not leave a negative impact on our planet.

3. Wool is breathable

Small pockets of air within the wool fibres allow heat to circulate, meaning the heat can be drawn towards your body when you are cold, or away from your body when you are cool.

As wool can absorb moisture from the air, it also rarely creates static energy as synthetic fibres do, keeping you cosy without any static cling.

4. Wool is easy to clean

Because wool is originally there to protect the body of the sheep from the elements, it contains a naturally protective outer layer.  This means spills and marks are not easily absorbed and the best way to remove these is to spot clean with a damp cloth.  One of the biggest concerns our customers have is whether their blanket will shrink when washed.  All of our blankets are machine washable - to read our tips on the best way to care for your blankets read our blog post here

colourful wool blankets

5. Wool looks great for longer

The proteins in wool are flexible meaning that wool can be folded and crinkled but will automatically spring back into it's natural shape.  Unlike other fibres, during the manufacturing process, the wool fibres will soak up dye until they are completely saturated, meaning the colours will stay bright and vibrant for longer.

We're making the most of those dyes and have selected lots of gorgeous colours for this season too shop wool blankets

So now we know that wool is sustainable, renewable, biodegradable, easy to clean and keeps you warm and cosy, seriously what is not to love!

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