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Article: 7 Top Tips for Living More Sustainably in 2022

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7 Top Tips for Living More Sustainably in 2022

1. Save energy

Turn off those lights. Move your body.  Yes even put on that second jumper (or snuggle up under a cosy wool blanket!)  We need to retrain our bodies to consume less energy, both for the environment and for our pockets!

2. Buy quality local meat

We are often told to eat less meat, or in fact stop eating it all together, but consider the carbon footprint of some so called environmentally friendly alternatives. Why not make it your mission to buy the best quality local meat that you can afford.  The carbon footprint will be much lower and locally produced British organic meat has a neglible impact on the environment when compared to the massive cattle stations of other countries.

3. Use reusable alternatives

Keep a reusable cup in the car, or even a foldaway one in your handbag, the same applies to shopping bags.  Always fill a water bottle and take it with you.  Little routines soon become habits.

4. Grow your own

Not only will it help you eat more seasonally, but growing your own will reduce the footprint of food that is transported across the country, or even the world, to the supermarket.  In addition to this you can grow organically, reducing the amount of pesticides going back into our earth.

5. Learn to repair clothes

It's too easy to throw a much loved item of clothing away when it gets damaged - take a look at Nearly New Cashmere's YouTube series of how to repair clothes and you will give them with a whole new lease of life.

6. Shop the eco way

Eco stores are becoming more and more prevalent on local high streets and they are a fantastic way to both buy groceries in bulk and reduce the use of plastic packaging.  Take along your own containers to fill at the store and remove the need for packaging altogether.

7. Buy quality not quantity

We are so used to getting what we want at a click of a button, but there is something to be said for waiting.  Can you wait just a little bit longer, saving your money and buying something of real quality that will last?

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