Green living and sustainable, in more ways than one.

2020 and 2021 have been years like no others we have known before.  The changes we have experienced in our personal, working and social circumstances have left many people searching for a calmer, more sustainable way of life.  It is natural that we turn inwards in times of difficulty and creating a sanctuary at home has never been more important.  The trend for using soft natural colours in our decorating schemes seems set to continue into 2022 with the use of soft blues, greens and natural tones showing no signs of abating.

green leaf linen cushion

Leaf Print Linen Cushion

With COP26 dominating headlines over the last few weeks, consumers are also re-assessing their buying habits and choosing to shop more intentionally. Considering where their purchase has been made, has it been manufactured in an ethical and sustainable way?  Is it something that can be re-used for years to come? And how is it packaged?

As a business this is something that it very important to us.  Our products are made right here in the UK, which instantly reduces their carbon footprint. They are also designed to last and be used for many years to come. However, our manufacturers are going even further than that.  From reducing the amount of water in their production methods, and re-using excess clay or fabric offcuts during the manufacturing process, to packaging using recycled and recyclable materials, each part of our supply chain is doing their bit to help us live in a more balanced and sustainable world.


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